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Headboard Gate: Creative Green Idea

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community garden

While walking through a community garden not long ago, I spotted this creative green idea for a wide garden gate: reusing an old metal headboard. I love the concept of reusing something old and making it useful and this certainly fits that description.

You could easily drill in hinges and screws, but this smart gardener simply hooked ties onto the side and it works just fine. Keep it simple and save money – reuse what you have.

Happy First Day of Summer!

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  1. I just purchased an item you made. A set of wind chimes. Very unique. Attached to driftwood are forks, butter knife and spoon.
    Picked it up in a thrift store in broomall,pa. I can send pics if you are interested. Has your name and number on it
    Very nice!!!!

  2. What? I have not made anything like this before. I would like to see the name and number you have on it because this is not something I made.

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