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Blackout Curtains Can Save Energy

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save energy by insulating

Save energy by insulating

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Over the last decade, my husband and I have worked to reduce the amount of energy consumption in our household. For example, we’ve done some of this by replacing light bulbs and converting them to LEDs, replacing our home’s ancient windows, and insulating our attic. Now that the season is cooling down, I have tested another idea – blackout curtains. Benefits of blackout curtains include blocking light, insulating a window to prevent heat or cold loss depending on the season, and reducing noise issues. Consider blackout curtains as a coat for your windows that provide an extra barrier of energy-saving insulation.

Blackout curtains are not “pitch black” typically – you can find pitch-black insulated curtains easily – but I wanted just enough light to sneak through the edges that you could tell it was daylight outside but still provide a strong insulation factor (see photo right). I tested the Eclipse Brand Patricia Blackout Grommet Curtain in 63″ in my guest bedroom. While I didn’t study my energy readings to determine if one room caused a noticeable cost difference, I did notice a HUGE difference this summer in the room’s air temperature. Normally our guest bedroom is sweltering in the summer, even with the new window. This summer I tested the blackout curtains and the room has been consistently cooler.

Obviously, this will work in reverse with the upcoming winter — providing a warmer room when it is cold outside and the furnace has kicked in. One of the things I have noticed is that my severe degenerative osteoarthritis is really affected by variations in heat and cold. Keeping the house consistently warm through winter has become more important for me than ever from a wellness perspective. My recommendation is to try your own blackout curtain insulation experiment. If you would like to try an Eclipse Brand blackout curtain you can find them at this LINK. Bundle up people – winter is coming!

Blackout Curtains Patricia Blackout Grommet Cafe Color

Save energy by insulating

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