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How To Make a Garden Wreath From Dried Allium Flowers

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Allium Wreath

Allium Flowers

When my youngest daughter was tiny she became fascinated by a purple flower in the garden. She would say, “Mama, there are aliens in our garden!”  Without a doubt, the Allium Globemaster looks like a little man with a purple head standing above the rest of the perennials. Part of what makes me love gardening so much is the uniqueness that each plant brings to the garden bed. Alliums are my particular favorite and start to dry in the garden late May and early June (here’s a link that tells you how to grow them – LINK).

When the flowers fade, they need to be clipped off the plant or they remain brown and dead looking the rest of the season. I take these dried dead heads, paint them a bright color and use them in centerpieces and on wreaths. Above you see a recent wreath I created – it is super-easy to make and a great way to reuse dried flowers.


What you need:

  • Old Allium deadheads
  • Stiff wire or an old hanger
  • Twine
  • Spray paint

How to:

  1. Spray paint your flowers and stems a color of your choosing (I chose Kick Ass Green and Aubergine)
  2. Shape your wire into a circle.
  3. Arrange flowers into the design you like.
  4. Using twine, attach the flowers by wrapping twine around the stems.
  5. Circle twine around naked wire.
  6. Tie twine once you have enough thickness.
  7. Hang.

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