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How to Prune the Wave Petunia

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Wave Petunia in Elevated Beds

Wave petunias are magnificent petunias which are uniquely hardy and spreading. They are a lovely annual flowering plant which can contribute to a summer flower garden. While this variety of petunia typically only reaches 7-inches high, it can spread up to 3-feet wide. Flowers are prolific without fussing or dead-heading the plants.

Prune for Clean Looking Petunias

Wave petunia varieties like the Tidal Wave Purple petunia and other Wave petunia varieties, do not require pinching like other petunias. Wave petunias will continue growing and growing through hot weather. They also survive mild drought, although consistent water is important for a strong flowering plant. Prune a Wave petunia when it begins to lose vigor and get leggy in mid- to late-summer. Although not required for its survival, it can reinvigorate the plant and encourage bushy growth.

3 Tips to Prune a Wave Petunia Successfully

One of the terrific things about the Wave Petunia is that it requires very little maintenance and there are no complex pruning procedures. The results of pruning out the leggy late-summer growth will be even more waves of flowers and a beautiful display.

  1. Sterilize Your Pruners – To prune a Wave petunia, it is important to use clean tools in order to prevent any fungal issues from spreading from other plants you have previously pruned. Do this by cleaning your tools with 70% isopropyl alcohol, which is often labeled as “rubbing alcohol”.
  2. Cut Petunias Harshly – If you want to trim back the petunia itself, cut mercilessly and with vigor. Cut up to half their length by taking pruners and lopping off at any location along the stem. Compost the cut pieces.
  3. Water and Fertilize Post-Prune – Water petunias immediately following the prune. This is also a good time to fertilize your petunias to encourage new growth. I prefer an organic fertilizer such as Espoma Flower-Tone Plant Food as it is better for the environment.

Prune Wave Petunias Easily with this Video Guide

Wave petunias are fast growing annual flowers that love full sun, moist but not soggy conditions, and rich soil with regular fertilization. Because of this annuals rather fast growth, particularly if fertilized every two weeks, the plants can grow leggy.

To see how easy it is to prune the Wave petunias, just watch this quick video sponsored by the Wave Petunia company. featuring Tidal Wave Silver Petunia. Learn how to easily prune the Wave Petunia.

Special thanks to the Wave Petunia company for providing the herbs, vegetables, and flowers used in this How to Prune the Wave Petunia video and the photos on this page. Visit to learn more. Thanks to Organic Mechanics Soil for the worm casting filled organic soil.

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