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2009 “Get It Garden” Challenge – Beginner Vegetable Garden – Part 2

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Welcome to the 2009 Casual Gardener “Get It Garden” Challenge!! The challenge: create a garden that makes a difference in your life and your community, then share it with The Casual Gardener readers.

vegetable and herb garden

Part two of the vegetable garden planting involves planting a vegetable and herb garden off a hand laid path. You can see more in the short video above.

vegetable and herb garden

Placing a path around primary walking areas eliminates soil compaction. Recycling and reusing is always the first choice and this stone came from our old fireplace. Planting beans, cucumber, and zucchini in a circle to climb up tomato stakes will save space.

Including an attractive herb garden around the walking path will give visitors the chance to smell rich scents and enjoy the garden more. All the herbs came from the Bonnie Plants nursery and went in the ground in excellent condition. It will be exciting to see how it all develops.

Shawna's Front Yard Garden Just Planted

Below is a photo of part of the freshly planted vegetable and herb garden in the front lawn of my suburban home. Let’s hope it reaps bountiful rewards!

Remember, as you follow along and build your garden, please send  photos and details to me, Shawna Coronado, and I will post your successes – and your failures – so we can all learn how to make a difference with a garden. Please send anything you can – what do you do with all the vegetables you harvest for instance? Will you sell them for additional family income? Will you give them away to local food banks? My readers want to know ALL the details.

Let’s build a garden together! Please join the 2009 Casual Gardener “Get It Garden” Challenge today and help make a difference for yourself and your community.

Shawna Coronado says Get Healthy! Get Green! Get Community!

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  1. Hi!
    Love your videos. I've put in a raised bed veggie garden at my new house. I grew 16 tommatos and 16 peppers from seed. I started them in the basement. I kept 5 of each and gave the rest away. I planted seeds of the rest of my veggies, and have bagged & labeled the remaining seeds for next year. I planedted the tomatos laying down, as you demonstrated, and passed that info in to the receivers of my tomatos. Thank you 🙂

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