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How to Plant a Tomato with a Trench Technique

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Plant a Tomato with a Trench Technique

Plant a Tomato with a Trench Technique

For years I struggled with tomato drama. My tomatoes performed poorly, caught diseases, had issue after issue and I could not figure out what I was doing wrong. Then one day a very successful tomato growing friend of mine asked me HOW I was planting the tomatoes. My response, “Uhh.. dig a hole, add some fertilizer, throw in the plant.”  Her reply was a vehement, “NO NO NO NO NO NO! You must nurture the roots. In order to nurture the roots, you need to grow more of them so that the plant is stronger.”

Turns out her theory was correct and this technique really helped; growing more roots is indeed very possible. When any part of a tomato plant touches the ground, particularly a stem, it will often take root. What if we kick-start that process by burying MORE of the stem in order to grow MORE roots? This is the idea behind trench planting and it truly makes for a stronger tomato plant. Watch the video below, sponsored by the Wave Petunia company and filmed in my front garden to learn easy tips and tricks for trench planting.

Video here –

Special thanks to Wave Petunias for providing the herbs, vegetables, tomatoes, and flowers used in this How to Plant a Tomato with a Trench Technique video. Visit to learn more. Of course special thanks to Organic Mechanics Soil for that yummy soil filled with worm castings and VegTrug for their amazing elevated bed with cold frame.

VegTrug Elevated Beds with Wave Petunias and Tomatoes
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