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Spring is Here; Bring It On Mother Nature!

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Woodland spring in Illinois, Mother Nature

Sometimes winter seems like it will never end. It is late April and here in Chicagoland zone 5b I am still waiting buds on most of the trees. The wooded areas in the forest preserves look like the above photo. Spare. Wintery. Naked. A canvas awaiting Mother Nature’s paint brush.

My brain is stuffed with vegetable garden ideas, but at 36 degrees, it is still too cold to plant the majority of the garden. I want to shout, “C’MONNNNN! Bring it on Mother Nature!”

This morning it is raining and gray as well as cold. I am reminded that “April showers bring May flowers” and sit at the window in anticipation of my garden exploding in living color.

You too?

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  1. I've been ready to get outside and plant but I'm also in Chicago and it's been way too cold.

    So, my windowsills are full of seedlings and eager plant-lings ready to get started.

    PS. I bought a Burning Bush last year and it appeared to have dies last winter. Now, I think there are some buds. Could it be possible? I'm holding out hope.

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