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Interviewing Chris Brogan for the Make A Diff Show

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Chris Brogan Stop Talking Start Doing. Photo Credit Sarah Evans.

Late last year I had a thought about how I might make a difference with simple tips on doing positive things in the world. What if I could interview 100 influential people on how they live everyday and the sustainable ideas they have for social good?  This year I am putting that thought into action so that my viewers can learn a few socially good ideas. My first interview, below, is with author Chris Brogan, CEO of Human Business Works.

Shawna Coronado and Chris Brogan  sustainable ideas

Chris is a New York Times Bestselling author of books like The Impact Equation and Trust Agents (cowritten with Julien Smith), Social Media 101, and Google Plus for Business. Chris tours the world speaking on new media and has appeared in several magazine and news articles from Forbes, The Boston Globe, Success, USA Today, and on TV shows like The Dr Phil Show. Chris is also the cofounder of the PodCamp new media conference series, exploring the use of new media community tools to extend and build value.

Why I chose Chris to be my first interview for the Make A Diff Show series is because he is the one in 2009 that told me I needed to do video as a part of my social media offering. His advice was straight forward at the time, “You need to get over yourself. Get off your ass and go out there and start making video!!” At the time I was shocked and had no idea how to get started (the photo on the right shows us a few minutes after he told me this advice). Four years later I have over 170 videos up on my YouTube channel with over a half million views. I tour worldwide and make television appearances around the country. Who would’ve guessed it? Well, Chris did and I’m grateful for his advice. Thanks Chris!!

Watch the video below and see what he has to say about his latest book, his new meatless diet, and a few simple tips for you to get started living healthier:

Photo credit for the top photo goes to my wonderful friend Sarah Evans.

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