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Where Do I Find An Eco Green Taxi?

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Eco Green Taxi

Here’s the issue: I have to travel a lot and am concerned about how millions of taxis in the world are touching the environment. I’m also concerned that I might die in a cab ride. Over half the cabbies I’ve ridden with are texting simultaneously while driving, which is an accident waiting to happen. Either the car smells like a small animal died in the back seat or it smells heavily of air freshener, both are likely to trigger an asthma attack for me. Why does it have to smell like death? Why?

Above you see a poem I wrote about a few of the taxi drivers I have ridden with. The photo of the texting taxi driver was taken in Lisbon, Portugal at night while riding a frightening, death-defying trip through the city. I lived. Nothing short of a freakin’ miracle.

How to get a green taxi:

Speaking around the world means I need to climb into a taxi at least once in every city. Cabs are frequently gas guzzlers and contribute to our environmental problems. Sadly, there seem to be no conveniently located eco-green taxis. You have to phone and special request a green taxi to come out to your location and pick you up if you want an eco-friendly option. Benefits of greener taxis include a better-for-the-environment ride. For example, hybrid vehicles use less fossil fuel and have significantly reduced emissions.

Want to go greener on your travels this summer? Search “green taxis” online before you travel and reserve an advance ride – it will make a difference.

Happy Green Taxi-Riding!

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