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Robin Birds Hatch In My Garden

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Eggs in Nest

Robin Bird eggs

Last year we had an incredible experience in the garden; robins came and laid their eggs low enough that I could capture them on camera. We named the parents Elvis and Priscilla Robin – Elvis because of this weird thing he would do with his head feathers that made him look like he had hair. Priscilla came and laid one egg every day until the nest was full, then took to the sit. We were gifted with lovely grandbirds named Eenie, Meenie, Miney, and Moe. They were apparently always hungry and, like most children, demanded a lot from their parents. Robins only stay for a few weeks in the nest and on the day they left, they exploded out of the nest with feathers flying, Mother and Father squawking, and babies trying to hang on for dear life on perches all over the garden. I told the story on Facebook last season, but am telling it again below photographically. I give you the story of my grandbirds birth and youth in vivid color —

Mama Sitting On The Nest
Newborn Baby
Robin Bird
Eyes Open
Feeding Time
new feathers
Baby Begging For Food
getting big
Leaf issue on his leg
Baby robin
Robin Bird

Robin Bird

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  1. Amazing pictures! Glad they all grew up healthy and strong. The color of those eggs…beautiful. And the hungry mouth picture…just wow! Can’t say they were the cutest grandbabies I’ve ever seen but I can tell you love them anyway! hahaha

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