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How To Make Leaf Mold Compost

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Fall Tree Photo Shawna Coronado

Fall Leaves for Leaf Mold CompostFall is coming on and most of us will be closing up our gardens soon. Now is the time to discuss leaf mold compost, which is truly THE BEST all natural compost to add to your garden. You can make leaf mold compost for free over the winter and it is truly an amazing ingredient to add to your gardens in the spring.

How To Make Leaf Mold Compost –

  1. The Lazy Gardeners Way – Pile a bunch of leaves in a big pile, wait 2 years, turning the pile when you can. BOOM. Compost.
  2. The Impatient Gardeners Way – Pile a bunch of shredded leaves in a big pile in the shade, keep the pile moist, turn the pile several times over the winter if you can. In the spring you should have a nice heap of organic compost at the bottom of this pile all ready to use. Your neighbors will call you a rock star.

Leaf Mold

That is it. And that is EASY. Peeps – you can do this!! Don’t have enough leaves? No worries – go snatch all your neighbors big brown paper bags filled with leaves they set out every fall. Free leaf mold gold material is in those bags – haul them home and use them for yourself.

No one tells the story of leaf mold compost better and funnier than Mike McGrath, garden expert and radio host extraordinaire. Watch him talk about how “Everything You Know About Composting Is Wrong” in the fantastic TEDx video below to learn even more about composting with fall leaves.

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  1. This is a great idea! Buying compost always seemed like a waste of money, but all the trees are brand new in my suburb, not a lot of volume – but snatching someone else’s hard-raked leaves? lol!

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