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A Photograph: Crapapple Snow and Orange Geum Smiles

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Garden Happiness

Garden Happiness

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Today I woke up and the front lawn was smothered in crabapple snow. I have horrid allergies to tree pollen, so every day of gardening, while the 35-year-old white tree is in bloom, is painful for me.

Yet when I walked out this morning, coffee in hand, and saw this orange Geum ‘Sea Breeze’ smiling at me in the middle of all that snow, I was overcome with garden happiness.

Geum loves a rich, moist, soil in full sun. They blend well with Salvia’s and are a great bloomer from April through June.  Most geum reaches 24″ high and about 12 to 18″ wide. Plant a Geum this month and find your own little corner of happiness!

Sometimes the simple things are the best things in life. Like crabapple snow and an orange smile.

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