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Planters Palette Speaking Event; How To Grow A Front Lawn Veggie Garden

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Shawna Coronado at Planters Palette Kale planting

The Planters Palette in Winfield, Illinois is an amazing nursery. They grow and sell vegetables as well as thousands of annual and perennial plants. Above you see a photo of me at the end of last year with some amazing field Kale on The Planters Palette property. It is as tall as me – WOW!

This Saturday I will be speaking at their Open House from 2 to 3 PM. It will be a seminar discussing how I developed my front lawn vegetable garden (photo below) and how attendees can do the same thing. I hope you will come.

The seminar costs $10, but I am giving away my book, Gardening (an $18.95 value), for free as part of the discussion. Register by calling 630-293-1040, ext. 2.

Thanks for coming if you can!

Shawna Coronado's front lawn vegetable garden.

Perennial Plants

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  1. I wish I could make it but I am volunteering with a gardening group in Bronzeville on Saturday. If you could post some pix or a video from the event, that would be terrific. I hate that I'm going to miss it.

  2. I would LOVE a veggie garden out front, but I worry what my neighbors will think. What was your experience wit the neighbors, did they object? (love the cistern too!!!)

  3. Hi Tina!

    No complaints with my neighbors. They all know I will keep the garden in wonderful shape with little weeds – it gives them a beautiful view. 🙂 Everyone's happy.


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  5. I'd be there if I could! Love to hear you speak and love Planter's Palette! I've been there twice and love the variety of plants and decor they have!

  6. I'm planning on transforming my front landscaping into an edible landscape. Your front yard veggie garden is beautiful! Two questions, what kind of mulch is best to use, and how do you keep critters out? Thanks! I can't wait to get started!!

  7. Gretchen – I just use ordinary wood chips as mulch. Free from my local city highway group.

    I keep critters out by sending my 11 year old and making her chase them.

    LOL! There is no way to avoid critters besides fencing and sometimes running them down in my experience with an organic garden.

    Best of luck!


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