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5 Ways To Use a Portable Pop-Up Greenhouse

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Frostproofing Raised Garden Beds

Conveniently, while I was trying to think of ways to extend my gardening season my friends at sent out a nifty portable pop-up greenhouse. Hot dang was I excited – what a perfect solution for frost proofing my raised beds (above) in fall, right?

So I called in the troops thinking this was going to be difficult to assemble. My marketing assistant, Katie, and my kiddo joined forces to help me put up the greenhouse (see below photo). Surprisingly, it took us less than 10 minutes to put the entire thing up and it was easy-peasy. This greenhouse is big for my garden space – at least 6’ X 8’ – so I got to thinking: How else could I use a pop-up greenhouse beyond frost-proofing?

Greenhouse Portable Assembly

5 Ways To Reuse a Portable Pop-Up Greenhouse

#1 – Seed Starting – This is the most obvious, of course. Popping this baby up in early spring and throwing your seed starter kits in would be opportune.


#2 – Spray Painting – When I spray paint I always have paint over spray that lands on the car, the sidewalk, the grass, or my vegetables. This keeps the wind off your projects and allows you to work relatively dust free as well. Please make sure you have plenty of ventilation — you can open up the other side of the greenhouse if you need to in order to help ventilate.

Greenhouse Spray Painting

#3 – Temporary Storage – Need temporary storage to keep the weather off of your bikes or mower or party tables? This is the perfect solution.

Greenhouse Temporary Bike Storage

#4 – Mosquito Proof Mom Hide-Out – Mom’s need to relax and read a book once in a while. By herself. With a martini. I’m just saying.

Greenhouse Secret Mosquito Proof Mom Hideaway

#5 – Sleepover Camping Tent Playhouse – This is my personal favorite! A sleepover camping tent for the kids. They LOVED this and it would be a fun evening for a bunch of young friends to hang out together.

Greenhouse Sleepover Camping

There you have it – five creative ways to use a portable pop-up greenhouse. I have decided to donate the greenhouse to a local food pantry that has plans to build a garden on its property to help feed our community. They could use some seed starting help in the spring, frost-proofing help in the fall, and they can set a table up inside it for a rain proof way to give away fresh vegetables they collect during the summer. Happy greenhousing my friends!

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  1. Sleepover in this greenhouse seems like a dangerous idea. Without proper ventilation kids can suffocate !

  2. It is not 100% sealed – they get air from the outside world in here. It’s very much like a tent. Air ventilation gets in from the sides and you can leave parts of the tent unzipped as well.

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