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Office Desk Hack

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Shirley Bovshow Door Desk in her office

When I visited Shirley Bovshow this season, I loved going to her garden-themed office and teaching facility near Los Angeles, California where she teaches classes and goes about all her planning for the production of her television segment for the Home & Family Show on the Hallmark Channel. Shirley recently opened the workspace in order to expand her ability to hold classes, but also to find a healthy emotional space away from her home office. Her designer, Kevin Lambert, built her amazing desk and set up her office in a way that encourages Shirley to tap into less stressful resources. (You can find Kevin on Instagram at – please give him a follow). Many of us that work out of our homes tend to work 24 hours a day, Shirley is no exception, so thanks to Kevin, the new office is a working retreat that is built to educate and make a difference in Shirley’s life as much as others.

One of the design highlights of her office which stands out is the use of an old door as her personal desk. I. Love. It. Doors as desks work because they create a six-foot workspace as well as a traditional computer desk area. Shirley feels as if the desk is quite large, yet the glass and sheer quality of the tabletop make the desk look as if it is floating and light.

Shirley Bovshow Door Desk on phone

Do It Yourself

In order to build this office desk hack yourself, find an old door or window, then take all the hardware off of the door, fill in holes with carpentry putty, let dry, and sand down any rough edges. Using the wood and legs from an old table, build a frame to attach the hardware-free door. Sand. Paint with primer, topcoat, and clear coat. Then place a large piece of glass on top to create a level work surface that still shows the beauty of the window or door below it.

I find this office desk hack project beautiful and creative; just like Shirley Bovshow. Recycle something old and making it new helps the environment and adds a unique design touch to your world. Check out Shirley’s super-cool website and follow all her exciting adventures in California at

FTC Disclaimer

*Special thanks to the Visit California team that helped me with a rental car for my #takeadaynow trip so that I was able to come to visit Shirley Bovshow and see her California garden and see her cool office desk hack. #hack #design #gardening #discoverla #visitcalifornia

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