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Then and Now: The Front Garden Winter Blues

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Sing it with me people – in your best blues-singer lilt –



I GOT THE WINTER GARDEN BLUES…. oh yeahhhhhhhh…..

Dead Garden 08

Look out my front window today and you will see the gawd-awfullest strip of dead garden along my front sidewalk.

Of course, it is supposed to look like this in December, but still, I miss the green, the hummingbirds, the beauty of it all.

Waiting, for me, is an impatient thing. One day soon the garden will come alive again and my heart will smile; the world will be complete. Until then, like hundreds of other gardeners across the globe, I GOT THE BLUEEEESSSSS…. I miss you spring time and beautiful garden beds!

Here you can see the Winter and Spring versions of the very same front-sidewalk garden bed at my home in Illinois.

New Sidewalk Garden in Summer

Shawna Coronado says Get Healthy! Get Green! Get Community!

Beautiful Garden Inspiration

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