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How to Make a Giant Halloween Spider Decoration

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Giant halloween spider made from recycled materials

How to make a giant Halloween spider decoration for your front garden: it is super easy and fun for the kids and the neighborhood. Best yet, you can use old items if you like and recycle them into this amazing Halloween decoration.

Making a Giant Halloween Spider Decoration for a Garden

Halloween is here and it is time to come up with a creative craft idea for the garden. Reusing old materials to build a Halloween decoration is smart. Fluffy is an amazing spider, and he is even more wonderful because he is “green”. You can save money and save the environment.

Steps for Making a Giant Spider

Halloween decoration spider leg attach

We made Fluffy with the below items. Keep in mind, you can make your own spider with similar items that you have at home. Reusing and recycling to create your Halloween decoration masterpiece is the way to go!

1. Find an old container that is shaped like a large bowl, for instance, we used an old mini-pond liner. You can use whatever-the-heck you can find. Old trash cans, truck covers, camping equipment; you get the picture.

2. Drill holes in the side of the Halloween Spider Decoration so you can attach eight legs.

3. Find eight legs that are the same length. We used old drain tubes. Attach them with screws, zip ties, cording or whatever you have.

4. Staple big eyeballs onto his head. We used some old foam strips, cut them into eyeball shapes and viola!

Halloween decoration spider chain

5. Create a chain to hold your spider in place. We used recycled mesh gutter leaf guards I dug out of someone’s trash on garbage night. No  kidding. I cut off the stiff left side, and then we sewed the gutter guards together like a “paper chain”. Turned out perfecto!

6. We have found that lifting the Halloween spider decoration up makes him look better. He is resting on a tomato cage. Hook the “chain” on to the tomato cage then stretched across and hooked on to the tree so our spider will not escape.

7. We reused a plastic garden container insert to make his name tag, and cheap spider webbing adds a final haunted touch.

Above you see our Halloween spider decoration – FLUFFY – all ready for his big day!

Halloween Spider Decoration Chain

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  1. I do hope Fluffys' life as a giant spider is as happy as it was when he was a vacuum cleaner. What a clever idea. Love the idea of reusing and recycling even for Halloween. Gives a whole new dimension to what you can put in your garden as well.

  2. I love it!!!! This is the time of year I really miss the childhood memories of Trick or Treating. This is a wonderful project – thank you for sharing!

    GETTING kids in the garden and recycling is THE BEST!

  3. That is so cool, Shawna! Ghosts and spiders are my favorite Halloween decorations (although we don't do any ourselves). You're so clever!

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