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How to Plant Herbs

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Herb and Perennial Garden Patio copyright Shawna Coronado
Growing herbs can be so joyful for the heart, both for the delicious scents that are so very therapeutic, but also because herbs can take the flavor profiles of your snacks and meals from boring to over-the-top. Increasing the flavor profile of a plain vegetable can transform a stubborn kid (or spouse) who “hates” vegetables into a veggie-lover.

Of course, I love that it is finally planting time in the northern states (and continues to be planting time in the southern states) – I cannot wait for all the gardens to be exploding with color and scent and awesomeness. Learn how to plant herbs organically by following the basic steps below. Be sure to watch the below video as well just to see how to pop them into the ground.

How to Plant Herbs

  1. Decide what herbs will work best in your garden dependent upon the garden zone, light exposure, and seasonal growing conditions
  2. Find a good location with an organically amended soil that is well drained
  3. Layout the design of your garden keeping herbs grouped together with similar sun and water requirements
  4. Dig a hole (unless you have herb seeds, then follow package directions)
  5. Add organic fertilizer to the hole following instructions on the package
  6. Plant the vegetative herb in the hole
  7. Gently cover the root ball up
  8. Water regularly at the base of the plant

In the top photo see my front patio that is surrounded by a mix of herbs and perennials tucked into every nook and cranny available. Plant herbs in pots with flowers or in unlikely niches for a surprise of yummy scent. The bottom photo is the delicious smelling lemon thyme in my front garden.

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Much love and wellness,


Lemon Thyme Herb Garden copyright Shawna Coronado


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