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Spectacular Fairy Garden Planting Container

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Container Fairy Garden

When I met Denise English from Eco Personal Garden at the Independent Garden Center Show in Chicago and she had such passion for a creative product idea she had – making a pre-made broken pot fairy garden container based on the big fairy-garden trend of breaking apart clay pots and reassembling them in artistic designs, I knew I had to show you her cool products. The Eco Personal Garden team uses a molding process and makes several types of fun and creative fairy garden containers. Right now that includes a broken pot, an acorn, and a walnut utilizing little pockets within the container to create your fairy magic. Last season I created a nifty Halloween Broken Pot Container Fairy Garden using a bright orange broken pot, and you can see how the acorn (above) and spring broken pot turned out (below).

Container Fairy Garden Closeup
Broken Pot

How to Create a Pocket Container Garden

  1. Drainage holes are in the containers, however, if you want a few extra drainage holes you will need to drill them yourself with a drill and drill-bit
  2. Place potting soil in the bottom of each pocket within the garden container
  3. Add plants, putting the tall plants in back and the groundcovers in front.
  4. Focal point works best in the front bottom pocket, although this is your creative adventure – so let your creativity take over
  5. Water regularly.
Broken Pot Fairy Container Garden Spring Photo

If you want to get your own super cool pocket container to get started container gardening for the season, I recommend reaching out to Planters Palette in Winfield, Illinois for some fairy supplies. They have camping fairies, garden fairies, and flying fairies – ALL the fairies. To order the creative containers go to Denise’s online Eco Personal Garden store – LINK HERE.

Broken Pot Fairy Container Garden Spring Closeup
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