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Flower Fairy Garden Doors Design

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Fairy Door On Gate

Fairy Garden Doors Can Add Whimsy to a Garden

Fairy garden doors are a cute addition to your garden. More importantly, fairy gardens have always inspired positive mental health for me. Seeing a bit of whimsy in the garden can lighten the load. I have built many fairy gardens and encourage you to build one for your family.

What are Flower Fairies?

Of course, legend says that flower fairies are tiny, winged beings less than a foot tall. They live in the bottom of gardens, the middle of grassy meadows, and on the edge of distant marshes. When a new flower seedling sprouts, a flower fairy baby is born.

Add a Fairy Garden Door to Welcome Visitors

Try adding a flower fairy garden door to your little garden design. It will encourage visitors to your garden. According to the tales, flower fairies live and sleep in a flower, plant, tree, or bush. They are known to be caretakers of gardens and woodlands.

Since my daughters were small, we have often read books about fairies in nature. Celebrating a bit of fantasy seems like a smart step and creating fairy doors adds to a whimsical outdoor entertaining experience.

Round Fairy Door

I had our neighborhood curmudgeon, Grumpy Old Bill, create the doors for me. You can make your own or buy them. These photos show the delightful result of his efforts. Aren’t they wonderful?

Front Fairy Door

Make stained glass windows for your flower doors by using colorful Sharpie-style markers to make a design. Spray with clear coat varnish to protect.

Fairy doors transport fairy’s magical to the next garden “room” of course. They reside as a bit of whimsy in the garden; on the back gate, by a tree, and next to the human front door.

I have been yearning for the sweet magic of flower fairies in my current outdoor design in Arizona. Perhaps you are too? I hope these little flower fairy garden door ideas might encourage you to have fairy fun in your garden this garden season.


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  1. Shawna, I just love this post! I work with clay, well I used to, and I have always wanted to fashion a tiny fairy village- one that is hidden unless you are wondering through my garden, then you catch a glimpse of it. Maybe this year I’ll get out that clay again. You have inspired me 🙂

  2. Grumpy old Bill is quite the craftsman. “Grumpy Old” TC makes his own whimsical stuff too and might just be adding a fairy or garden gnome element to his garden this year.

    Hug your kids!

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