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Houseplant Living Wall Garden

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Home Office Houseplant Living Wall Garden
Grow a Living Wall Book by Shawna Coronado

Growing a houseplant living wall garden that is super easy to maintain is an amazing way to bring oxygen and beauty into your work or kitchen environment. You can easily begin growing this living wall design now inside in an office or kitchen, then transfer it outside in the early spring in order to expand the beauty so that you can work outside next to your own little bit of inspiring nature. My book, Grow A Living Wall ~ How to Create Vertical Gardens with a Purpose: Attract Pollinators • Grow Vegetables & Herbs • Aromatherapy and more, will teach you how all about living wall gardening and how easy it is.

Years ago I left a dramatic and hated job to begin a new life working out of my home office. While it might seem terrifying to some, it was a miracle for me—it allowed me to step away from the pain and drama of a closed-in, unhealthy environment and transform my office into something healthier. In the United States alone, Forrester Research has forecasted that 34 million Americans currently work at home, and the number is projected to increase to over 65 million by 2016. Working in the home saves large companies time and money. Best yet, it increases the happiness levels of many of the workers that participate in this type of working arrangement. Create a living wall with houseplants, vegetables, or herbs—whatever your favorite plants might be—on your balcony or patio. Keep the living wall on the balcony or patio close to your work zone [or inside the house next to your desk] to enable the most benefits from the experience. Using houseplants might give you the added benefit of moving the wall garden inside to your primary office area during the winter as well.

Home Office Living Wall Garden Components


Kellogg Organic Biochar Soil

Once you receive your Bright Green GroVert Living Wall Planter Kit, fill it with your favorite soil mix. My favorite homemade mix for traditional houseplants this season is to add two parts potting soil with biochar to one part compost or composted manure. Try Kellogg Garden Organics Organic Select Potting Mix formulated with BioCharMax, which is excellent moisture-retentive potting soil filled with nutrients. Plant it up, backfill with soil, water well while it’s laying flat, dry the back of the unit off, then hang it on the wall. Once it is hung regularly on the wall, I prefer to pull the unit down and water it in the shower, then let the unit dry before hanging it again. If you move the unit outside in the future, simply water from the top irrigator bin. This planting design uses a mix of tropical house plants selected for their color and attractiveness. They include arrowhead, croton, hypoestes, ivy, Schefflera, and spider plant – you can order them through Schaefer Greenhouses where this living wall was assembled. This is particularly easy and effective to plant up in the fall and hang inside, then move outside in the spring in order to have an outdoor balcony or patio home office living wall.

Kellogg Garden BioChar Soil 2
Home Office Living Wall Garden Growing

Top Houseplants for a Living Wall Garden with Dim or Low-Light Exposure
• Arrowhead vine
• Cast iron plant
• Chinese evergreen
• Dracaenas
• Peace lily
• Peperomia
• Philodendron
• Pothos
• Snake plant
• Spider plant
• Zee Zee plant

Light is very important when growing on an interior wall. Add a grow light if you hang the unit in a dark interior area or place it near a bright window. Build your own home office living wall garden for an interior “houseplant” experience in winter, then bring it outside on your patio, deck, or balcony in the spring to expand the healthy home office experience outside. If you want to learn more about how you can grow your very own living wall garden, please order my book. Grow A Living Wall ~ How to Create Vertical Gardens with a Purpose: Attract Pollinators • Grow Vegetables & Herbs • Aromatherapy and more.

Special thanks to Kellogg Garden Organics for the soil to grow my houseplants this season – I appreciate the support sharing all the houseplant love I can. Happy indoor gardening my peeps!

Home Office Living Wall with Houseplants
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  1. Hi Shawna,
    I just read this post and then realized how old it was – but I was glad to find that the book is still available. Good work!

  2. This is a great houseplant for the garden. We recently bought land to build a home on and are in the stages of thinking where the garden will go and how to get it ready for planting.
    I’ll be trying some of your suggestions! We recently got our first baby chicks and will be working with the wide litter method to compost as well.

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