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Easy Herbal Cocktail Garden Living Wall

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Herbal Cocktail Garden Freestanding Living Wall
Herbal Cocktail Garden Living Wall Gro Product Unit

An herbal cocktail garden is a genius way to bring scent, taste, and passion to your balcony or patio. They’re filled with herbs and edibles and do remarkably well in small spaces. Living wall cocktail gardens are even more amazing because you can plant 35 to 40 plants easily in less than a 2 square foot floor area. Best yet; there is absolutely NO WEEDING. Wahoo! This standalone Gro Products garden living wall garden system does not require that it be attached to a wall permanently and it only takes a few minutes to set up. How easy can gardening be? THIS IS EASY PEOPLE!

Below is an excerpt from my latest book giving you tips on how to grow an herbal cocktail garden living wall – Grow a Living Wall; Create Vertical Gardens with Purpose.


Planting this garden with a mixture of composted manure and a moisture retentive soil such as Organic Mechanics Soil will help it retain water. Simply assemble the Gro Products unit according to directions, fill the containers with soil, plant with a little fertilizer, then mount on the unit. Edible herbs and plants used for this garden all came from J.W. Jung Seed Company and include globe basil, moss rose, oregano, purple basil, rosemary, sage, sweet potato vine, snapdragon, and thyme.

Living Wall Herbal Cocktail Garden Planting
Grow a Living Wall Book by Shawna Coronado


Harvest herbs for the first time when the plants have reached maturity. Only harvest one-third of the plant at any given time, then wait for that third to grow back before you harvest again. This revolving method of harvesting and patience will enable a longer-lasting vertical wall without having to replace plants as frequently.


Basil Grapefruit Martini Cocktail Recipe

Picking herbs from your herbal cocktail garden and muddling them to enhance a cocktail’s flavor is the easiest way to add flavor to a cocktail. You can kick it up a notch by macerating herbs, berries, or flowers in vodka, gin, or another liquor, infusing the flavors in a stronger, more condensed way. Infusing means to soak or steep an ingredient with a spirit in order to extract the dominant flavor of the item being infused. Vodka is frequently used as a part of the infusion process because it has a relatively neutral flavor that allows the infused herb flavor to stand out.

The infusing process is easy. Simply wash the herbs or flowers, shake excess moisture away, place in a Mason jar, muddle gently, and cover the ingredients completely with vodka or another spirit. Place the lid on the jar, lightly shake the container, and then store it out of direct sunlight for two to seven days. When the infusion is complete, strain the liquid into a clean jar and store it in the refrigerator or freezer.

For full details on how to grow your very own herbal cocktail garden and for all types of creative living wall gardening ideas,  get  my book – Grow a Living Wall; Create Vertical Gardens with Purpose. Thanks!

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  1. That is pretty spectacular looking and looks incredibly efficient with space too. One thing I’ve always found is creating ‘housing’ for veggies or herbs tends to somehow get out of hand and end up taking up too much room.

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