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Garden Patio Makeover and a Succulent Wok

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Front garden patio makeover outdoor furniture
Backyard Makeover Garden Potting Room Renovation

Let’s continue our three months of AE Outdoor “Creating the Perfect Patio” redecorating adventure and kick-off summer the right way – with an outdoor furniture front entry patio makeover. Last makeover I redid the back patio and created a fun cocktail outdoor room in middle of my well-used garden potting area (see right).

Outdoor Furniture Front Entry Patio Garden Makeover Before Photo

AE Outdoor approached me about a couple outdoor garden room furniture ideas for our three month long garden room transformation and without a doubt the next area that needed some improvement was the front patio and entry area. I cleaned up my front patio from last season and was left with a messy, boring front stoop (see before photo right) that truly needed some pizzazz.

First step was to review the Sunbrella fabric swatches for the best color choices, then I figured out which furniture I thought would be an interesting fit and also seat the most people for entertaining. My goal was to create the feel of an outdoor cafe seating area. I went with the Carson 8 piece Deep Seating furniture set because I liked the low backed chairs and thought they would combine nicely with my home’s siding color. Find the new 2015 patio sets on the website, which is where you can connect to their social media and idea blog as well.

Front Patio Garden Makeover with Cafe Table
Front Garden Patio makeover with rainwater cistern and fish

One of the things that was very important to me was allowing the front entry patio furniture to be comfortable for conversing, but also face out towards the garden beds so family and friends can watch the hummingbirds, wrens, robins, and finches do their thing. Keeping a closed layout would discourage nature-watching. This week I set out my amazing orange-red ceramic koi from Fish In The Garden right next to my rainwater cistern fountain, then planted up a free standing living wall system for the patio to bring the outdoor room together. I also built a unique succulent container garden using Modernica’s Case Study Ceramic Wok and needed a wide table in order to display it (see the how-to below), the Carson set had a lovely wide table which hides the stools when they’re not in use. Of course, the wide table is also a perfect place to set cocktails and snacks – part of my master plan for entertaining this season.

Succulent Wok White Garden Container


Mix organic cactus mix, fertilizer, and bat guano amendment together in the container, being careful to follow directions. Plant your favorite succulents in the container. Be cautious not to break leaves off. Water gently – do not over-water as succulents appreciate a dryer environment. Cover soil in stones or seashells.

Succulent Wok White Garden Container Closeup

My favorite part of the new front garden patio makeover? The AE Outdoor furniture is very long lasting, which means it will standup to a beating in the garden, plus it is made from aluminum which means the frame of the furniture is 100% recyclable at the end of it’s life. It also makes the perfect spot for plopping down for a sit with a martini!

Front Lawn Garden Patio Makeover
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  1. Shawna, Your new space looks very inviting and relaxing. I am mostly commenting on your succulent wok. I just started planting succulents because my niece just had twins and won’t be able to water. Starting to get a passion for these little buggers. They bring lots of architecture and color to space or container that they are planted in. I also like the fact that they are not sharp for the kids sake.

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