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Happy Halloween

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Halloween Decorations

This year we kept our suburban Halloween decorations simple. Aurora Lamps in the trees and few pumpkins and squash on the patio. Next to our jack-o-lantern, you see the squash are resting in a soft Felted Sculpt-a-Bowl from Gardener’s Supply Company. Bowls (above) come in several reversible colors and it worked to keep the squash from rolling off the table onto the patio.

Below you see the very cool Aurora Lamps. They have an energy saving Aurora LED Light Bulb in them that allows them to change colors with a remote control. There are dozens of combinations we can make the lamps for the holidays. For example, orange for Halloween, peach or gold for Thanksgiving, and red or green for Christmas.

Enjoy Halloween my friends – may you eat lots of candy corn and have a fun evening!

Halloween Decorations

Halloween Decorations

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