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Time To Plant The Tulip and Muscari Bulbs

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Moulin Rouge Longfield Gardens
Muscari Armeniacum from Longfield Gardens

Confession: I have an obsession. Bulbs. Bulbs. Bulbs. Now is the time to plant them in most of the country, so get ready to start digging. I am a self-professed addict from way back and guess what? I break all the rules with them. For example, tulips are supposed to be spaced at least 3 to 5 inches apart. I like mine grouped tightly together. Sometimes I plant them in full sun, which is what all the rule books say to do, but if I’m feeling adventurous I might try them in an unlikely shady spot just to see what will happen.

This season Longfield Gardens sent out 100 Tulip ‘Moulin Rouge’  bulbs (see flower above) and 100 Muscari ‘Armeniacum’  bulbs (see flower right) for me to plant this fall in my test gardens.

Planting only took a few minutes and I cannot wait to see the results in the spring – I will be sure to publish the photo results for you. Now jump on out there and start planting – if you would like to learn a few awesome bulb growing tips, just follow along on the below video (if you are receiving this post via email and can’t see the video, just link through to this post online to view it).

Moulin Rouge Longfield Gardens Tulip Bulbs
Moulin Rouge Longfiield Gardens Tulip Bulbs 2

Bulb growing tips

FTC Disclaimer

Special thanks to Longfield Gardens for providing the bulbs for my test gardens, the flowering plant photos above (the bulb photos are my own), and the bulb planting video.

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