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Dinosaurs for your Garden Containers

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Potpal Dinosaurs on the garden path of Shawna Coronado
Potpals package
Potpals animals on the path at the garden of Shawna Coronado

Whimsy. Lots of gardens lack it, yet every garden designer considers it. If you don’t have the budget for a giant whimsy-filled statue or time to rebuild that back garden into a whimsical hobbit play zone, why not do something quick and cute in the mean while? I found these adorable wild container garden things called Pot Pals and wanted to try them out. They start out flat (see photo to the right), then you have to fold them into their respective shapes. I filled them with rosemary and oregano herbs from Jung Seed and think they are adorable and whimsical and are a surprise on the flagstone.

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  1. The kids would definitely get a kick out of those. Then they would use my dinosaur decorated pots as new monsters chasing the other toys. Visions of the deadly Basil-osaurus or Thyme-ceratops are dancing through my head.

  2. Hi Shawna I am trying to find one of the dinosaur potpals to make a holder at a grave site for a 5 yr old who loved dinosaurs. I can’t find them anywhere. I thought I had found one and they sent me vitamins. Can you tell me where you purchased these please.

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