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Favorite Shade Perennial Plant

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shade perennial plant

What is the favorite Northern shade perennial plant in your garden which I could find at almost any home center and is easy to grow?

Signed, Curious

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Dear Curious,

I get this question ALL the time! Without a doubt, my favorite non-native plant is the hosta. It is a versatile, easy-to-grow perennial which thrives well in shade conditions of all sorts. It survives wet, drought, and varying soil conditions, although most varieties do best in part-shade with a bit of sun in my opinion. Plant in well amended, well-draining organic soil. While it is said that hostas can grow from planting zone 3 to planting zone 9, they need a cool winter season, so perform best in zones 3 – 7, so are considered a more northern perennial.

Here you see a gorgeous blue hosta ‘halcyon’ mixed in with a few of my ferns. Love it! Hostas originally hale from eastern Asia, and their lush foliage and diverse colors, heights, and textures have really touched the American gardener’s heart. It has a unique ability to excel in deep shade. Hummingbirds and bees love the flowers. Leaf colors of the hosta range from bright yellow and chartreuse to deep greens and blues with all sorts of white striping and variations in leaf structure in between. They are all beautiful!

Without a doubt, the hosta is a staple in my garden – and a passion in my heart – I have many, many varieties. My first choice for growing in the garden, without a doubt, are native perennials and attract more wildlife. Mixing the hosta in as an edger with your native beds and add a bit of a formal design to the garden and give your eye a place to rest. What type of hosta varieties do you have in your garden? And what is your favorite shade perennial plant?

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