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The Easy Flower of the Hour – Iris Sibirica – How To Grow A Siberian Iris

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Siberian Iris in Shawna Coronado's front gardenSiberian iris have grown to be one of my favorite flowers in the perennial garden. Mostly because they are tough and reliable.

More delicately flowered than Bearded iris, Siberian’s have medium-sized flowers on 2 1/2 to 3 1/2 foot stalks which stay green all summer and function as an amazing filler in a perennial border.

Equally at home in the dry border or a moist area, Siberian’s love clay and tough conditions. Trouble free, deer resistant, and a hummingbird attractant, Siberian’s flower in June in my zone 5b garden. Most grow in zones 3 –9.

Early evening is the time to watch the iris’s closely. Hummingbirds will zoom in to take a sip of them in their last drink before roosting time. Above you see Iris Sibirica ‘Caesar’s Brother’ (purple) and Iris Sibirica ‘Butter and Sugar’ (white).

How To Grow A Siberian Iris:

  1. Plant iris flowers in mid-spring to late summer. Siberian iris prefer a planting site that is full sun, however, the plant can easily survive to part shade. Once you have found your planting spot, work in a 2 inch layer of organic compost.
  2. Dig a shallow hole. Plant iris, covering rhizome with soil.
  3. Water well the first year. After that Siberian iris are virtually indestructible, particularly if you mulch well, I only water mine during drought.
  4. Fertilizer is not necessary in my experience if you regularly amend soil with compost, organic fertilizer works fine if you feel fertilizing is necessary.
  5. Leave seed heads on the plant once flowered to collect seed, or trim off if you like a neater look in the garden.

Viola! Easy beauty in the garden!!

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