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  • Wine bottle French Potager Garden

    Recycle an Iron Arbor

    **This arbor story is a recycled post from 2010. I recently had a reader ask me to post it again — here it is my friends — RECYCLE, REUSE, REPOST!** My…

  • Crocus vernus Jeanne d Arc copyright Shawna Coronado Side View

    Beautiful Crocus Jeanne d Arc Flowers

    Crocus vernus Jeanne d’Arc flowers are blooming in my garden today and they are glorious! Only four to six inches high, these happy little flowers make a lovely statement when planted…

  • Yellow Tractor Raised Beds

    How To Plant a Raised Garden Bed

    Yellow Tractor is a consulting organization that coordinates amazing corporate events focused on growing food. They build and sell raised garden beds as a part of their corporate and educational initiatives.…

  • Home Office Houseplant Living Wall Garden

    Home Office Living Wall Garden

    Growing a home office living wall garden that is weed-free and super easy to maintain is an amazing way to bring oxygen and beauty into your work environment. You can easily…

  • Garden

    How To Grow a Dahlia Flower

    Growing a dahlia flower always seemed like this mysterious, complicated thing that was beyond my gardening skills, but I discovered it is easy to plant and grow a dahlia. Last year…

  • Herbal Cocktail Garden Freestanding Living Wall

    Easy Herbal Cocktail Garden Living Wall

    An herbal cocktail garden is a genius way to bring scent, taste, and passion to your balcony or patio. They’re filled with herbs and edibles and do remarkably well in small…

  • How to Plant A Container Shrub Rose Infographic feature photo

    How To Plant a Shrub Rose Container

    Planting a rose often seems like a complicated project, however, the new shrub roses such as the Knockout are easy to plant. Simply follow the instructions on the infographic below to…

  • How to prune a knockout rose feature photo

    How To Prune A Shrub Rose Infographic

    Shrub roses, especially Knockout roses, are particularly easy to grow. Below is a fantastic super easy infographic to help you figure out the pruning task.Β  Go forth and prune those knockouts!…

  • Park Bench Installed
    Garden Life

    Saving the Park Bench

    I’ve had two benches out for many years now and find they’ve greatly enhanced the community experience. My “kick ass green” park bench (right) had its slats pulled out by a…

  • Shawna Coronado in drone video of her garden.
    Garden Life

    A Drone View of My Garden

    Many of you wonderful peeps have asked to see my garden in video form. This year I met up with an astounding drone videographer who worked with me to film the…