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Beautiful Crocus Jeanne d Arc Flowers

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Crocus vernus Jeanne d Arc copyright Shawna Coronado Side View

Crocus vernus Jeanne d’Arc flowers are blooming in my garden today and they are glorious! Only four to six inches high, these happy little flowers make a lovely statement when planted around pathways in masses. Early blooming, these delights will shoot up just as the first daffodils are opening. In my zone 5b beds, they have bloomed for several weeks; white flowers contrasting nicely with their thin white-striped grassy leaf.

This is the first season I have grown the Jeanne d’Arc Crocus in my test gardens with special thanks to Jung Seed who sent the corms out last fall as an experiment. This is a tough little crocus and will naturalize as the years go on. While squirrels sometimes dig this corm up, most other animals and pests leave them alone.

Crocus vernus Jeanne d Arc copyright Shawna Coronado Close up

How To Grow Crocus vernus Jeanne d’Arc

To grow Crocus vernus Jeanne d’Arc, simply order the corms and plant in well-draining soil in the late fall. These corms do not like wet conditions, so consider what will be planted near them after blooming so you can keep a relatively dry environment for the corms. You can see by all the various foliage in the photo below, that I have mixed them in with daffodils and snowdrops for successive seasonal blooming.  If you have clay soil, be sure to amend it during bulb planting with lots of organic matter. Plant between two and three inches deep in random groupings. Once the blooms dry up, it will take about six weeks until the foliage withers. Once foliage turns yellow and dries, you can then mow the area or gently cut the grassy foliage down.

Crocus vernus Jeanne d Arc copyright Shawna Coronado
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