Healthy Snacks For Kids Lemon Hommus Face Recipe

Healthy Snacks Lemon Hommus Face Recipe

January. It’s cold, gray, and boring. The kids are demanding something exciting and I have a delicious after-school snack they will love to make – Lemon Hommus Faces. Healthy snacks are challenging – we want our kids to have good-for-them-deliciousness and actually EAT IT. This is a perfect use for winter carrots if you still have a few in the ground. Some kids love hommus and other kids hate it – this zesty lemon flavored hommus makes it taste delicious and over the top plus it’s filled with protein. Capers add to the flavor, but if you’re concerned your little tot won’t consume capers, substitute with carrot rounds and it works just as well.

Healthy Snacks Lemon Hommus Face Recipe Ingredients


Healthy Snacks Lemon Hommus Face Recipe HummusIngredients –

  • Almond nut thins (or crackers)
  • Zesty Lemon Hommus
  • Carrots sliced thin and a few sliced in rounds for the eyes
  • Capers (may substitute with carrots)

Directions –

Use a spoon to place zesty lemon hommus on your nut thins or crackers. Have the kids decorate the faces with hair and caper eyes.

Healthy Snacks Lemon Hommus Face Recipe Carrots

Special thanks* – I made this vegan salad recipe at my local nursery, The Planters Palette. Please shop and buy at your local independent nursery to support your local economy!

Finding healthy snacks that your kids love might be a challenge, but they’ll love this recipe. It’s tasty, delicious and fun, plus it is all vegan and filled with protein.

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