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“What Can ‘Garden Writers Today’ Do For Me?”

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I am a green living expert, spokesperson, and garden writer. Here you see me at a book signing at The Morton Arboretum bookstore in Illinois.

An amazing new website for garden writers has been built to help people like me – and many of my readers. You can find it here – – and it is all about “Garden Writers Today”.

If you are a garden writer, this is a very cool site to add to your resource bin. On the eve of the 2010 Garden Writers Association Symposium in Dallas, Texas, the new Garden Writers Today organization is asking writers across the web, “What Can ‘Garden Writers Today’ Do For Me?”

The idea is to build a great resource for writers which will really help garden writers get ahead. Where I could use some help as a garden writer is on the business side. I’d like to know how to better connect with editors around the nation to get my writing published more frequently.

Be sure to connect with Garden Writers Today on their detailed website –, and on Facebook at this link –

Please leave a comment and let Garden Writers Today staff know what you would like included on the site as well. They need some good ideas and the Garden Writers Today crew will take a look here and decide which ideas are the most critical.

OH – and if you would like to purchase my green lifestyle book, Gardening, you can find it at this link on

Thanks for your help!

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