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Get Yo’ Green On – Reusing Plastic Bag Ideas – Flower Pot Condoms… errr… Hats

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This weekend my gardens – both my freshly planted annual flowerpots and my veggie garden faced imminent disaster: FROST! That’s right, Chicagoland’s unpredictable weather is consistent in it’s unpredictability.

At 8:00 PM Saturday night I was out in the dark in my jammies covering every annual plant in sight. It was a mad dash to save the little babies.

In the process I invented a great way to recycle your old plastic shopping bags – Flower Pot Condoms. Okay, let’s call them Flower Pot Hats….errr something.

Flower Pot

According to Indiana University, more than 1.6 billion gallons of oil are used yearly for the production of plastic bags alone here in the United States. For gosh sakes people, find creative ways to reuse them – do the right thing.

My creative idea? See in the short video above how I saved my garden babies with some fabulous Flower Pot covers.

Make a difference today and comment below – let me know your creative ways to reuse plastic bags too!

Shawna Coronado says Get Healthy! Get Green! Get Community!

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  1. Shawna,

    Have you covered battery operated lawn mowers yet? We just bought a Homelite mower a few weeks ago. No exhaust and it works great for a smaller lawns.

  2. Why did I not realize you were in the Chicago area? I’ll see you at SF! (I know you’re coming because I’m making the name tags—bu ha ha ha. I mean, no. There’s nothing sinister about the name tags. Or making them.) I’ve been using cloth bags for a few years now but do occasionally get plastic ones to use as garbage bags. Great idea for flower pot condoms!

  3. Thanks! Yes – I’m going to the Spring Fling – can’t wait!

    Flower Pot Condoms – the wave of the future!


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