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Sustainable eco travel stories and environmentally friendly themed posts published by Shawna Coronado.

Ode To A Stinky Driver or Im Gonna Die

Where Do I Find An Eco Green Taxi?

Here’s the issue: I have to travel a lot and am concerned about how millions of taxi’s in the world are touching the environment. I’m also concerned that I might die in a cab...

Shawna Coronado kissing a manatee.

Swimming With Manatees In Mexico

Above you see me getting a kiss by a manatee. They are amazing animals and getting kissed by a manatee is a pretty intimate thing. I thought long and hard about whether I wanted...

A young girl viewing mangroves in Sian Ka'an in a canal from beneath the jungle canopy.

Swimming In A Mayan Canal Deep In Mexico

Viewing Sian Ka’an, a 1.3 million acre protect UNESCO world heritage biosphere reserve, while swimming ancient Mayan canals surrounded by mangroves is an unbelievable way to visit the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico. Our guide, Antonio,...