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Ziplining in Mexico – 150 Foot Flight of Terror

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Last season I visited the Riviera Maya in Mexico armed with a film crew and mosquito repellant.  We focused on women being empowered to conquer fears while learning all about nature. Ziplining was our first adventure and we began with XPLOR, which is an amazing zipline park in the middle of the Riviera Maya, near Playa Del Carmen, Mexico. It was a tough climb and exhausting for the crew, but hearing the line screaming it’s whine and the ground moving past at over 20 miles per hour, was an exciting experience.

Ziplining at XPLOR is totally amazing and a fast-paced flight. It is set in a jungle environment, with static ziplines and climbing areas which allow all ages of visitors to experience nature without trampling it beyond recognition. The tallest zipline at the park is around 150′ high and was a terror filled streak across the sky. The best part was ziplining through a waterfall and landing in a pool of cenote water splashing a twelve foot wave up. XPLOR was fantastic and our team had total fun as we zipped, screamed, and laughed our way through the skies around the park – watch the video to ride with us. Ziplining is awesome!

Landing in the waterfall at the end of the zipline.

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*Note – Because the FTC requires it, I am noting that the Mayan Riviera Tourism group sponsored this trip. I was not told what to document or how to document the experience, we were simply asked to attend and film – anything expressed in posts related to the activities is my own opinion expressed from my own personal experience.

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