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How To Build A Sustainable “Recycled” Trellis From Old Shovels and Rakes

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How to Build A Sustainable Recycled Shovel Trellis

Garden trellis

Every gardener I know has extra shovels laying around, some ancient, some rusting – all ready for some excitement. My assistant, Katie, and I got busy remaking old shovels and rakes into a sustainable garden trellis earlier this summer and the result has been great!!

How To Make A “Recycled” Trellis From Old Shovels:

You will need – 3” deck screws, old shovels and rakes, and a drill

Katie drilling the hole on the shovel handle

Step 1 – Find a spot on your fence you would like to hang some old shovels and rakes. Mark the spots on the shovel handle and on the fence wall where you would like to secure them onto the wall.

Step 2 – Predrill holes into the shovel handles that match up with where they should be hung on the fence.

Step 3 – Drill the deck screws through the predrilled holes into the fence to tightly secure the trellis.

Step 4 – Plant a climber below them. I chose Burpee Home Gardens green beans.

Special thanks to my assistants, Kate Szekely and Cruz Guttierrez who helped me put the shovels up. You are the best!

Finished shovel trellis on fence wall

*Note – Because the FTC requires it, I am noting that Organic Mechanics Soil sponsored the soil used for this project. Burpee Home Gardens supplied the vegetables grown in the garden this season. I  write many instructional stories and videos with their incredible vegetable products and donate a large portion of the vegetables to the local food pantry when harvested.

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  1. How cute!! I just have to ask, did you freshly paint your tools those bright colors, or was that a happy accident that those were what you had available?

  2. Ha! I could have sworn I saw those tools in the background of your landscape garden a couple posts back, and I wondered… what is she up to with that???

  3. So cute! The color of the tools really perks up the trellis. It's great to be able to make something so pretty for the garden that's inexpensive AND a reduce-reuse-recycle project!

  4. I just came across your blog and absolutely LOVE that trellis from old shovels/rakes that you made!!!! How awesome!! I will be recreating this in our yard on our privacy fence. =)

    I'm your newest follower

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