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William Moss Rocks Da House In My Bedroom Garden Office

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While a lot of the gardeners in the United States are still harvesting fall vegetables , the time for the harvest is nearly past for Chicagoland. I have a few scraggly looking vegetables hanging on for dear life, but by and large the season is done. You can imagine that I was super excited when I received my little Cobble Moss Rock in the mail from Moss & Stone Gardens this week. Moss rocks on my desk

Moss Rocks are living sculptures and zen moss gardens all rolled into one to accent your home or office or outdoor garden. Deciding where to place this little guy was tough, but his arrival coincided with the redecorating of my bedroom/office (yes, everything is dual-purposed in my home). I painted the walls a calming blue and added a credenza made from an old plant stand with a piece of glass on top – all recycled from the resale shop. You can see my brand new rock in its permanent spot above on the left side of my credenza – it is a perfect indoor green garden accent when the outside weather is beginning to turn a bit brown.

Inspired by my good friend and fellow on-camera gardener, I have officially named my mossy buddy. Hitherto and hence from this day forth my Moss Rock will be named William; William Moss.

Watch my little buddy Moss Rock’s namesake, the real William Moss, in the below video we made together in my front lawn vegetable garden about how to harvest fall veggies and ripen a green tomato.

Happy moss gardening!


*Note – Because the FTC requires it, I am noting that Moss & Stone Gardens supplied the Moss Rock for this post.

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