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Spring Cleaning With Meliora K. – A Graffiti Experiment Fence Champion

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Spring Cleaning With Meliora K. – A Graffiti Experiment Fence Champion

Shawna Coronado Back Fence Grow Community Change

The Graffiti Experiment is happy it’s spring! This project is intended to inspire positive community unity and beautiful art instead of hate and gang symbols in our urban neighborhoods. Champions for the project have donated money to help pay the fines my homeowners association charged me in order to help keep the painted fence experiment up longer. I am writing a “Feature of the Month” blog post focused on the champion or the champion’s blog, cause, or company for each champion who is helping me to save the painted fence and support my peaceful protest against gang graffiti.

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Meliora K Really Grate Flakes

Spring is here and not a moment too soon. Time for spring cleaning!! When I first wrote the story about the graffiti fence issue, Kate reached out to me from Meliora K, which is a company she founded that sells unscented, organic, biodegradable, vegan laundry soap products. She says on her website, “Our vision is a clean, happy and healthy home life for all that doesn’t rely on secret formulas and mysterious chemicals.” They sent out samples so I could try them and guess what? I like the products. Many laundry soaps irritate my skin and these work well without irritating my skin or smelling yucky.

Meliora K Right Hand Laundry Soap

Kate got started building a green laundry soap when she was surprised when Proctor & Gamble marketed a 2012 reformulation of the Tide Free and Clear product to parents as “free of harmful chemicals.” She found that “1,4 dioxane,” previously found in Tide Free and Clear, is also a classified as a cancer-causing contaminant is found in many of our laundry detergents. She started making laundry soap for her family to use.  Meliora K’s products are unscented powders, flakes, and a bar that comes in plain brown paper bags and can be used on their own and in conjunction with baking soda to keep your family’s clothes clean.

Meliora K No Frills Soap Bar

My personal favorite is the “No Frills Bar Soap” which is a bar of soap you can use as a stain stick or you can grate yourself for cleaning purposes – it worked terrific on my kiddo’s pants after she fell in a mud puddle a few weeks ago. ( On a side note – how are kids naturally attracted to mud puddles? It’s like they have magnets in their knees.) Special thanks to Kate from Meliora K for sponsoring April’s fence and for showing us a super-green laundry product. If you would like to try Meliora K you can order online at this LINK.


If you want to order some of the Meliora K soaps you can get a discount! Put “FENCE10” in with the online order and you can get a 10% discount until April 21.


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Homemade Cleaners Book

Also, if you would like to learn more about how to make your own homemade non-toxic cleaners like bathroom disinfectants, bleach, spider spray, air fresheners, baby wipes, hand sanitizer, and all types of other things, a good reference book for you to read is “Homemade Cleaners: Quick-And-Easy, Toxic-Free Recipes”. It lists all types of ideas on how you can think about spring cleaning in a healthier way. This book was not a fence sponsor, but if you like Meliora K and how it works, I thought you might also like to read how to make other toxic-free cleaners for all areas of your home in conjunction with Meliora K laundry soaps for your household during spring cleaning time!

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