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Town & Country Wellington Boots I love you!

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Shawna Coronado with her brand new Town & Country wellington boots

Wellington boots

Anyone who knows me well, knows I have a complete and utter obsession with wellington boots. Not an ordinary obsession mind you – like with coffee or chocolate – we are talking full-on Looney Tunes stuff here. Boots baby – it’s all about the boots!

And no – I am non-materialistic about most things in life. Most of my clothes come from the resale shop by the principal. I reuse tea bags until the bag falls apart and Shawna Coronado shoveling manureI save listings in a special file on my computer so I am always close to them.

My passionate weakness and true addiction are garden boots (a.k.a. “wellies”) because they make me smile. I love boots so much that I have been known to garden in boots and shorts way past the 90 degrees Fahrenheit mark (proof in the photo at right). People laugh at me, but I do not care as long as I have my boots. Face it: the only way to shovel manure is with your wellies on.

When I went to Ireland this year my friends there gifted me with a pair of bright yellow, genuine imitation diamond-encrusted ILSE JACOBSEN • Hornbæk wellies. I started jumping up and down and hyperventilating (simultaneously) when I got them. Not exaggerating. I have worn them so much the designer’s name is rubbing off the back of the boot (see photo – note the genuine imitation diamond buckles::sigh::).

You can imagine my unabashed joy at receiving two pairs of brand new wellie boots from Town & Country this week. You know – THEE wellington boot. One red pair. One green pair. With matching boot socks. With. Matching. Boot. Socks.

:: breathing heavy::

When I received the box from the Town & Country team I opened the box slowly, with heart-thumping delight, allowing the boot excitement to warm me like a glass of fine wine. Okay – not really. Actually, I ripped the box open so fast I Yellow diamond encrusted welliesnearly cut myself, started panting, got dizzy, nearly passed out, then began dancing around the living room with my new red boots shouting and wiggling my bottom (see top photo).

When I whipped the boots out of the box and shouted, “OH. EM. GEE!!!!!” I swear to goodness choirs from the heavens began singing. It was a magical moment between me and my boots.

Once I got myself under control, I looked out the window and realized the obvious. Yep. You knew it was coming – I realized it is no longer garden season.

:: pause for tears::

But the glass is half-full – I can do a lot with these boots right now. Sleep in them, for instance. They will keep my feet warm all night long. Obviously, they will make fantastic slippers too. It also looks like I am going to be shoveling snow in some bright red awesome-Licious wellie boots. Hip Hip Hooray!

If you want to jump on board the holiday shopping bandwagon and get your loved ones some angels-from-heaven-singing-in-choir boot excitement – black Friday is next week after all – you can purchase the boots at or Just follow the links – you might just make your loved ones wiggle their bottoms too.

*A special thank you to Town & Country for sponsoring the boots and socks I received today – I have not yet tried them out in garden conditions but will review them in the upcoming season.

Growing A Greener World Episode 126 – MY FRONT LAWN VEGGIE GARDEN – WHOOPEE!

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  1. Oh Shawna I am so jealous of your red wellies!!! I had a pair of red wellies from England that I used for at least a decade….I wore them til they literally disintegrated and stillI miss them so 🙂

  2. That's awesome. My fiance and I love to go shoe shopping (metro, I know) but I so wish she would get some garden boots so she could join me in the garden without complaining about stepping in stuff… maybe thats a good idea for a Christmas present for the both of us…

  3. Hi Shawna,
    I’ve got the same obsession with wellies like you. First I’ve worn them on rainy days only. But then I enjoyed using them on sunny days too.
    I fall in love with them and even when the boots get holes, I keep on wearing them. About 80% of my wellies have splits and are not waterproof anymore. So everyone can hear me walking in squelchy wellies when I jumped in puddles.
    Do you collect your old wellies? How many do you own?


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