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Wedding Train Stained Glass Coleus

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Coleus Wedding Train Stained Glass

Once in a while, a plant comes along and surprises you with its sheer ability to explode out of a garden container display. Wedding Train Stained Glass Coleus is just that plant. This season I tested the plant for Jung Seed by tossing it in one of my Crescent planters with a few extra asparagus ferns and by the end of the season it had lived up to its name — pure trailing magic.

When growing the Wedding Train Stained Glass Coleus I followed my favorite organic container garden planting tips (at this LINK), which is essentially about preparing the soil properly and not continually drowning your plants with artificial fertilizers – start with organic soil, add one helping of organic fertilizer, then water regularly. That’s it. Health and wellness for your family start with environmentally friendly thinking in the garden as well as in your home. Try growing this plant as a spiller in the front of your window boxes and living walls with begonias or New Guinea impatiens in the back; it is a perfect annual plant for part-shade or shade conditions.

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