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Hostas Are Boring – NOT!!

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versatile plant

Versatile Plant

For years I have had landscape design customers tell me, “Hostas are boring – I want nothing to do with them!”

My response is always the same: “Are you kidding? Hostas are the most versatile plant in the perennial garden.”

Hostas are my favorite perennial because of their incredible versatility, drought tolerance, and general colorful attributes.

Shawna's front garden - Halcyon, August Moon, and Albo-Marginata


Yep. Lots of color. See in the photos here how wonderfully a hosta brightens up a corner, contributes design interest, and is the happiest no-work plant in the perennial garden ever.

I beg you to rethink the hosta – it is a delight and can add a lot to your gardens!

My favorite online hosta sources include:


If you would like to see more photos of hostas, go to the Hosta Library –

or visit the best resource on hosta growing –

Happy hosta gardening!

Albo-Marginata and mixed perennials

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  1. You're so right that hostas aren't boring! I think too many people don't let them grow to their full size before dividing them, so they don't see the impact of the plants. I love them and have quite a few scattered throughout both sunny and shady parts of the garden. I'm so glad you wrote this post!

  2. Seemed like they were everywhere in Minnesota which is why I always thought they were boring. Sorry! But I didn't know they were drought tolerant! That changes things a whole bunch for this desert gardener. 🙂

  3. Kate, “drought tolerant” does not mean “perfect for the desert”. However, in my zone 5b garden, I rarely water them – usually only in August as they will get burned tips around the outer edges if you are in complete drought.

    However, compared to other “needy” perennials like roses – hostas need virtually no watering or care to produce beautifully. I definitely consider them “drought tolerant” compared to the average perennial such as the rose.

    And Jodi – I'm addicted. I have HUNDREDS of hostas. They do not NEED to be divided like other perennials, so you can keep them in the same spot forever if you like. However, I divide most of my hostas purely so I can share the love. 🙂

    Hosta love is always a good thing!

    Thanks for commenting.


  4. Carolyn, the only expensive hostas are “collector” type of hostas. Everything else can be had at Home Depot or Lowe's for extremely cheap. The photo of the Guacamole Hosta shows a two year old hosta. I bought it at Lowe's in late fall during an end-of-season sale for $3.50. CHEAP!

    I encourage my readers and friends to dig up hostas and share them for FREE – even better!

  5. I do believe it is correct to call Hostas boring. Aside from the fact that they are planted ad nauseam they offer nothing to wildlife and the environment. No bugs = no birds etc.
    “Interesting” plants do more than just please people.

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