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How to Organically Fertilize Roses

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fertilize roses organically
fertilize roses organically

Summer woes — I have noticed that a few of my roses are not looking as perky as I’d like. How to solve that? Add some organic fertilizer at the base of the plant, gently incorporate the organic fertilizer according to package directions (watch the video to see how I fertilize roses at home – here’s a video LINK).

If you are searching for more complete information on roses and rose growing, I highly recommend the RoseChat Podcast. RoseChat is run by my good friends Chris VanCleave and Teresa Byington who are excellent garden bloggers and the ultimate rosarians. They give astoundingly good advice on everything rose.

Managing your roses can be a tremendously fun and beautiful aspect of gardening. My choice is to fertilize roses organically and to avoid heavy chemical usage. Incorporating too much fertilizer in your beds can produce lots of leaves and little flowers, so be sure to follow package directions when adding any fertilizers into your garden.

fertilize roses organically
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