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Halloween Pumpkin Wind Twisters – An Ups-A-Daisy Craft Idea

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Ups-A-Daisy Tree Hanger Idea

Reduce, reuse and recycle all year long in your garden. This season when we were done using the Ups-A-Daisy insert in our containers, we decided to repurpose them into Ups-A-Daisy Pumpkin Wind Twisters.

How To make a Pumpkin Wind Twister – –  Ups-A-Daisy pumpkin faces

1. Pull the Ups-A-Daisy inserts out of your garden planting containers at the end of the gardening season. Wash and dry.

2. Lay the Ups-A-Daisy insert flat, with the smooth side up. Draw pumpkin faces on your Ups-A-Daisy with a permanent marker. (I discovered that 10-year-old children love to do this step.)

3. Cut long lengths of twine using scissors.

4. Thread the Ups-A-Daisy pumpkins through the holes in the inserts, then hang from a tree or fence. (I had a favorite garden helper, David Smith, help out with this.)

5. Sit back and watch the twisters spin in the wind.

David Smith hanging the Ups-A-Daisy spinners

Pumpkin Wind

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