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Planting Combination For Verbena, Bacopa, Colocasia, and Zinnia Annuals

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annual combination

Annual combination

Mix it up with a fun annual combination – I planted several containers with purple and green mixes I adore and tucked them on tables and benches for a shock of unexpected color. Above the container was in full sun and below the container was in shade. You see a tropical plant from Plants Nouveau, Colocasia ‘Red Eyed Gecko’ PPAF, planted in the center of each container surrounded with annuals;  Bacopa ‘Calypso Jumbo Lavender’, Zinnia ‘Profusion Yellow’, and Verbena ‘Imagination’.

Creative and bright, these containers get more florific and beautiful as the season goes on if you add an organic fertilizer or a manure tea like Moo Poo Tea to the containers. Try this combination in your garden!

annual combination

Special Note – Because the FTC requires it, I am telling you that Plants Nouveau,  Organic Mechanics Soil, and Natural Industries supplied the plants, mulch, soil, and soil additives I used in these colorful garden containers. I have used their products because I WOULD even if they had not given the products to me.  Opinions are my own and I have a lot of them.

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  1. Although we have a large garden and love our veggies and flowers all spring, summer and fall, we have trouble with pests. Birds wait until the peas just come out of the ground and eat them, the cabbage moths relentlessly attack the cabbage. What can we do about this? Maybe you could post something on this topic, I think it would be really helpful to lots of people. I checked out your 10$ culinary section. Some of the recipes surprised me, but I think I might like to try some of them out 🙂

  2. This is going to be lovely when it fills in. I love the contrasting textures of the bold Colocasia with the finer Bacopa and Verbena. Good color combos too.

  3. What a great description – I cover Bacopa Monnieri (at for its use as an herbal remedy. Many people who do use it as an herbal like to grow it themselves, even if they will still have an herbalist make their supplement. Anyway, I always need articles to point those people to – glad to have found yours!

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