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Creativity In The Garden

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Creativity Gardening

Creativity Gardening

Dear Casual Gardener,

This year I would like to try something creative and different in the garden. Have any simple ideas for me?

Fanny in the Garden

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Dear Fanny,

Creativity is the best part of a garden; enabling individuality and artistic expression. It’s good for the soul!

My suggestion is to keep it simple and try something different with your pots this year. The photo at the right shows a creative idea I had a few years ago – a pot tower. Quite a good focus for a patio.

Simply fill pots with soil, stack, then plant colorful plants all around the edges. Easy and fun!

Would love to hear from my readers out there – what type of creative garden ideas can you suggest for Fanny?

Happy Creative Gardening!

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  1. Whew doggy that comment I left on the prior post was long, you stirred up some emotions in me, you did.

    But hey I just wanted to let you know a little something because you commented on someonelse’s blog about not having the chickens that you desire because of your small lot and close neighbors. Dirt and I lived smack dab in innner city for a while, we had a small city lot and I had six lovely hens. A neighbor reported us because of rats and the heath department guy came out.

    The HD fellow congratulated me on my fine job of caring for chickens, he said he wished he could be one of my chickens and that they were not the cause of the rats. He said that the fellow who turned us in (they usually don’t disclose that info) was the source of the rat problem and promptly wrote him up.

    Check your ordinances, you may be able to have a flock of your own girls. I kissed and made up to my neighbor with a supply of eggs for a while, the rest of my neighbors too, just in case.

    I guess I’m just chatty today.

  2. Dear Fanny in the Garden,

    Make a simple tee pee out of weed trees and sow a few seeds of any vining annual around the base.

    Collect some old colored bottles (blue is best) and make a Silica transparencii.

    Find old stumps and use them for rustic garden benches.

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