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Thai Coconut Coco Bongo Crockpot – Small Thanksgiving or Christmas Main Course Recipe

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Main Course Recipe

Thai Coconut Coco Bongo Crockpot recipe is filled with flavor and a perfect non-traditional meal for a smaller holiday celebration. Have your family feel a lot less pressure on Thanksgiving or Christmas by putting this Paleo, Keto, and Mediterranean Diet compliant meal into your crockpot for a no-fuss main course. Serve it over cauliflower rice or whole grain rice if you can consume grains in your diet.

Slow Cooking in a Crockpot Aides in Digestion

The good news for an anti-inflammatory diet is that slow cooker meals can be good for you. These meals present the first level of digestion. This means that slow cooking your food at lower temperatures can break down food at the cellular level and aid in digestion. This cellular breakdown is the beginning of digestion and gives you a food product that leans anti-inflammatory and is better for your gut health. Not to mention that slow cooking is fabulous for infusing your vegetables and meats with flavor.

Main Course Recipe

An additional benefit of slow cooker or crockpot food preparation is that the rich smells created in the home help in creating that “comfort food” feeling one gets from remembering home cooked meals by friends and family we love. The scent of a pot roast triggers memories of grandma, the essence of a slow-cooked chicken dish reminds us of our parent’s favorite soup recipe. Sometimes these scents create a real mouth-watering reaction. When our mouth waters, it is signaling our system that food is coming and we should begin the digestion process. Slow cooked food is good tasting and also good for your digestion, that means it can help you in your plan to lower chronic inflammatory pain.

Thai coconut
Thai coconut

Paleo Diet, Keto Diet, and Mediterranean Diet Chicken or Pork Thai Coconut Recipe

The Thai Coconut Coco Bongo Crockpot recipe is super easy and a great solution for a holiday meal. It is anti-inflammatory and compliant with Mediterranean, Keto, or Paleo diets and is very good for you and your family. You can use either bone-in chicken or pork for the best flavor and whatever vegetables you happen to have available. I used peppers and onions for lots of added taste.

Thai coconut
Thai coconut

This yummy recipe came about when Kevin’s Natural Foods announced a contest for using their flavor-filled sauces. I used a pouch of their Thai Coconut Sauce to amp up the flavor and help make the juicy crockpot recipe extra creamy.

Thai coconut
Thai coconut
Thai coconut
Thai coconut

Feature Ingredient Used in This Thai Coconut Recipe

Special thanks to Kevin’s Natural Foods as the Thai Coconut Sauce is delicious and contributes a bright flavor to the vegetables I love. The taste permeated the hens and has an over-the-top flavor.

There are tons of links to fantastical recipes out on Kevin’s FacebookInstagram, or Pinterest social sites, where you can find more information on how to utilize Kevin’s products to eat clean and live happy. Check it out here – Kevin’s Natural Foods.

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Happy Holidays my friends – much love and joy to you and yours! XOXO!

Should you flip meat in a slow cooker crockpot?

Slow cooker techniques say you do not need to turn things over while you are cooking. If you are concerned that the liquids in the pot are not touching all the ingredients, consider flipping, turning, or mixing the ingredients about half way through cooking time.

Which temperature is better to slow cook on high or low?

When cooking with a crockpot or slow cooker, the common temperature settings are high and low. Basically, the settings reflect how long it takes to get to the simmer point. The high setting propels foods to a hotter temperature more quickly. The low setting takes longer to reach the simmer point temperature.


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