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Tips on Cooking with Citrus Juice

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Cooking with citrus juice is one of my favorite ways to add flavor to recipes. An anti-inflammatory diet utilizes fewer sugars. With this in consideration, I do not typically drink citrus juice due to the high sugar content. As a flavor enhancement, citrus juice works wonderfully. I’m so happy to have a lemon tree on my property. It provides tons of flavor in my cooking and recipes.

List of Tips on How to Enhance Flavor in Cooking with Citrus Juice

Juice is one of the sugar-filled ultra-processed foods at the grocery store. I suggest you use a bit of orange, lime, or lemon juice as a flavoring. I’m not talking about adding a couple of cups of bottled orange juice, just a bit.

I’d like you to think of citrus as a smart way to add acid, scent, color, and flavor to a dish. Just remember to remove seeds from the fruit before use as seeds imparts a bitter taste. 

Best Tips to Add Citrus Juice in Cooking —

  1. Add a squirt of citrus juice instead of a sprinkle of salt as a way to keep your salt use down.
  2. Use slices of citrus with seeds removed as a flavoring ingredient by putting them over fish, chicken, or meat when roasting.
  3. If adding a bit of citrus juice to a sauce, be sure to add it just before serving so the flavor isn’t over powering.
  4. Lemon and lime juice have less sugar content, squeeze a slice in your water or over your food to add flavor without a heavy amount of sugar.
  5. To enhance a salad, peel a citrus, then cut all the pith off and slice only a few pith-free slices into the salad to keep the salad full of acidic flavor, but low on sugar.
  6. Freezing citrus juice ice cubes and dropping the citrus cubes in a sauce when cooking is an easy way to always have citrus at the ready.

Product Review of a Professional Citrus Juicer for Cooking with Citrus Juice

Luckily, I have a glorious lemon tree on my property. My dreams have been of a Professional Citrus Juicer that I spotted on the Mother Earth News Store.

Utilizing the Professional Citrus Juicer was easy. It involved pulling the citrus juicer out of the box and placing it on the counter. Then I made sure the strainer cone was placed in the appropriate position. It took less than 2 minutes.

How the citrus juicer works –

Set up the juicer. Then cut your citrus – in my case lemons – and place the fruit half in the juicer upside down. Twisting the handle down, push the juice out of the fruit. See the video below as this part of the process is amazing.

When I use a hand juicer I cannot get all the juice pressed out of fruit, but the Professional Citrus Juicer, it pressed all the juice out through the spout and left a devastated husk of fruit peel behind. I did not have to push hard, it was really easy to do.

How to clean up the citrus juicer –

Once you are done juicing, you can pop out the pressure cup, strainer cone, funnel, and juice tray in order to clean it. Again, that took less than a couple of minutes.

I loved it and my review is a double thumbs-up – you could use this unit with any kind of fruit, and be cooking with citrus juice from oranges, grapefruits, lemons, limes, and pomegranates any day of the week. Get the juicer here at this Mother Earth News LINK.

Without a doubt, this week I made lemonade out of lemons in a big way with the Professional Citrus Juicer. Cooking with citrus juice was easy. This week I used the juice to drizzle over the Lemony Chicken Lettuce Wrap Recipe. Absolutely delicious!

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