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How To Plant a Raised Bed Garden with a Greenland Gardener Kit

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Raised bed gardens

This year we planted Greenland Double Bed Raised Garden and Planting Kits at Grandma’s house (a.k.a. my extended planting farm area – I have run out of ground on my own property). The whole family pitched in.

We were very surprised as It turned out to be the easiest project EVER, taking only a half hour or so to assemble the entire garden, and we now have lots of amazing vegetables growing in the raised beds.

Another wonderful benefit is that the raised beds are made from post-consumer recycled products – a perfectly wonderful sustainable choice for your garden.

Watch the video below to see how easy it is to put together – what a great family project!

How To Plant A Raised Bed Garden:

Step 1 – Empty the kit out of its box onto the ground and sort the parts. Layout the parts in the garden shape as described on the instruction page.

Assembling garden beds

Step 2 – Assemble the kit. It is easy and can be done with just one person, but is easier to accomplish with two. Just put the side slats into the connectors and push them down.

Installing raised garden beds

Step 3 – We put our kits right on top of the grass. Next, we smothered the grass by covering it with several layers of newspaper.


Step 4 – Next we add the Organic Mechanics Soil. We fill each garden box up to nearly its full height – stopping a few inches from the top.

Although adding Organic Mechanics soil is enough for success, we also added a couple of bags of rotted manure in each planting square for a little extra fertilizing energy.


Step 5 – Plant your boxes. We used the Greenland Garden Planting Kit, planting seeds in two boxes and pumpkin seeds in the other two boxes (pumpkin seed planting details in a separate post).

All you have to do is spread out the planting seed covers and plant the little seeds in their respective holes. It was super easy and quick to do.

Assembled raised garden beds

As you can see by the top photo and the below video, it was a gardening success!

How To Build a Raised Garden Bed With Recycled Products

*Note – Because the FTC requires it, I am noting that Greenland Gardener sponsored the Double Bed Raised Garden and Garden Planting Kit. Organic Mechanics Soil sponsored the soil used for this project. However, I would use these products even if they had not been sponsored – I like them.

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  1. I used these kit for my raised gardens. They are very easy to set up and still are very sturdy after a year. If the pieces don't fit together easily at first, don't try to force them or they will split. We had to glue one connector back together. We figured out that it didn't go together because we didn't have it squared up.

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