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Staying Organized In The Garden: How The Seed Keeper Kit Works

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Contents of The Seed Keeper Kit
Chicago Flower and Garden Show

Chicago Flower and Garden Show

At the 2010 Chicago Flower and Garden Show I met up with a large group of fellow social-media gardeners for a “seed exchange”. I had never been to a seed exchange before and had no idea what to expect. What I found was some amazingly organized gardeners: Mr. Brown Thumb, Our Little Acre, and Snarky Vegan had their seeds in cute little hand printed envelopes, ALPHABETIZED, with planting instructions. Quite frankly, my seeds are stored away at the bottom of my closet in brown paper bags labeled “SEEDS” in crayon – yep, no variety, no instructions, no details. My seed system has been to throw everything in an old plastic bag for storage and hope for the best. I was horrified, embarrassed, yes, even SHAMED after I saw this glorious garden organization in all its magnificence. How could I face Mr. Brown Thumb again without getting my act together?

A day later I happen to attend a Garden Writers Association meeting upstairs, and I  sit across from two women who are living their dream and running their own business called The Seed Keeper Company. Kerrie and Carol invented the Seed Keeper Kit when they realized their seed storage system was basically the same as mine. While chatting over lunch, I heard their entire story, held their product in my hands, and realized this might just be the solution I need – a real, live, seed filing kit to get my unorganized self into better shape.

In the photo above, you can see that the Seed Keeper Kit includes:

  • A – Z Divider Cards loaded with valuable gardening tips
  • 5 Glassine Envelopes
  • 5 Plant Markers
  • Marking Pen
  • Seed Sorting Dish
  • Garden Gloves
  • Ruler
  • All –purpose clip
  • Clear Slidelock storage bag
  • Sturdy container 11″L x 65/8″W x 53/8″H

When I finally planted all the seeds for the season I decided to “close up the seed shop” for the year and try the Seed Keeper Kit. Watch the video below and see how easy it was for me to organize my seeds. Surprisingly simple, I confess I did not even read the instructions – I just did it! It worked like a charm and now all my seeds are organized – I LOVE IT.


The Seed Keeper Kit retails for $29.99 and I think it would make a wonderful gift for your favorite gardener. Kerrie and Carol gave me a spare Seed Keeper Kit when I met them, so I used it in exchange for for my review. However, you should know that I really do like the kit and think its a fantastic garden tool. I would have purchased it myself had they not given it to me, so my review is completely truthful and heart felt – a great product!

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  1. I have absolutely loved my Seed Keeper Kit this year! Like you I had no organization system whatsoever, and I think the kit is ingenious!

  2. Shawna, you are awesome! And so is the Seed Keeper Kit! I love that I can now go to ONE PLACE and find my seeds. I like how it makes me feel more organized, too, at least about my seeds!

    Thanks for the link love, girlfriend! 🙂 Oh, and I really don't think you can pass for Mr. Brown Thumb, even if you do feel like him. LOL

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