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Grow Green Plants In The Garden For Color and Interest

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Garden designs , Grow Green Plants In The Garden

Green. Over and over I hear a tail of woe from my clients and readers – “GREEN IN THE GARDEN IS BORING!”

WHOA is right! I disagree. I think green is wonderful and comes in as many shades as can be imagined; striped, beribboned, plain, freckled and splashed. Above you see several shade plants from my back garden. With the vining Lysimachia nummularia ‘Aurea’, also known as Golden Creeping Jenny or Moneywort, having at least five various shades of green on a single plant.

Green is beautiful. Try using green creatively in your garden designs this season, mixing green in as a feature, not a filler.

Of course, “green” is my “thang”, so I am a bit partial to the color on the whole. Welcome green as a layer of interest in your garden beds and send me photos – – I want to see what you have done to combine green in with the rest of your beds. I will post whatever photos I receive. Send to

Happy Green Gardening!

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